TOT020: Great summary of CLT, sdts developing definitions + more Twitter takeaways

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Building relationships with your students

Something I’ve been thinking about a little bit recently. Got some hot tips from mates on how to do this…
1. Use the roll call to greet each student (I added to this, get them to say one word that describes how they’re feeling)
2. Decide on ‘the thing’ that you want students to know about your life. By sharing a little about this they’ll feel you’ve opened up.(E.g., my yr 5 teacher liked Kylie Minogue, and we all knew it!)
3. Use time in the yard to get to know your students.

Bonza summary of CLT

Inspiring oracy program

Would need to compare incoming students with those who have been there for a while in order to get a feel for how much of a diff this school is making, but on the face of it, seems like a pretty good program. Inspiring anyway.

What works in the classroom?

Choosing the right knowledge organiser

Scaffolding students to create definitions. A how to…

If you’re an english teacher… this is worth checking out