TOT026: Critique of Hattie, this one’s for the ‘uncool’ kids, + more Twitter takeaways

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THIS. IS. MIND. BLOWING. Massive critique of Hattie

Is most published research wrong?

An article to boost the confidence of the ‘uncool’ kids at school

Book Summary: Accessible Mathematics

Massive resource, more exploring to do

Mindfulness. The research flips and flops…

Review of PBL, and what are the important ingredients

World experts on procrastination

Teacher experience correlates with effectiveness… with details on conditions

Educational inequality consistent over time in the U.K

Sicko quick reference guide on actions to take in the classroom

I’m REALLY excited about this homework program! (student self-quizzing)

Critique of TLAC

How to win teachers over and make them open to student feedback surveys

Diff kinds of feedback… what are they?

Supporting students to refine their thinking