TOT033: 5 principles all teachers should know, paying students, + more Twitter Takeaways

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Could a self-regulation intervention improve school readiness?

Exploring the impact of charter schools, via @WhatWorksEd

More on Singaporean education:Teacher recruitment & retention, via @HFletcherWood

Summary of 5 key principles of education that ALL teachers should know, via @C_Hendrick

How important is domain specific knowledge for expertise? via @HFletcherWood

If we had a rubric for transfer, what would it look like? via @jaymctighe

If I pay my students, will they try harder and do better?

Interesting article exploring the impacts on student results of paying them for their efforts. Here’s what it set out to explore. (…)

It had a positive impact on classwork effort, but findings were more hazy when related to student achievement. This leads to Qs about the extent to which better ‘effort’ in class will necessarily lead to better results.

However. Stat sig and positive results were found for lower achievers in maths.

But this effect size is hard to interpret against a background of ‘variation in variability’. (Shot taken from Dylan Wiliam’s powerpoint here: ) (…)

But, in the end, we can’t say whether these results were due to the $$$ or just an increased level of feedback on student behaviour.

My feeling is that the feedback played a really big part. I can imagine that there would be better ways to spend 225 Pounds per student than the model presented here.

As a twist at the end, here’s a study suggesting that incentivising activities can cause positive and long-term (even after incentives are removed) behavioural change. (…)