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What makes University graduates thrive post graduation?-Gallup Poll

What makes a good college education?

“Gallup recently did a study of college graduates to gauge how engaged they are with their work and whether they are thriving in the world. In the past, the most studies centered around on how much college graduates earned compared to peers without degrees.

(if a student) reported with strong affirmatives that they worked on a long term project (at least a semester), had an internship where they could apply skills, and were very engaged in an extracurricular.” then “he or she was three times as likely to be engaged at work.

The survey found that student who felt supported — that their professors cared about them as individuals, that professors made them want to learn, that they had a mentor — were three times more likely to thrive as those who did not feel supported. Only 14 percent of college graduates answered that all three of those qualities were present in their college experience.”-Direct quote from a Mindshift blog piece.

The report can be downloaded in full here.