This page maps out our Further mathematics revision schedule until the end of the year.

Each week we’ll focus on the Exams from 1 year in class, and students will be expected to complete the accompanying exam as homework.

For example, Week 8 can be considered as follows.

VCE Further Mathematics Reision Example Week (Week 8), Ollie Lovell. Oliver Lovell

It is unrealistic for many students to complete all of these questions as homework as that would constitute approximately 4.5-6.5 hours of work outside of class. However, students who expect a result of 40 or above will realistically have to do this much work. Students aiming for a 35 should at least finish one of the two nominated exams each week and possibly selected modules from the second. Students aiming for a 30 should finish one of the two nominated exams (e.g., Finish the remaining 4 modules from the 2015 exam as homework in week 8). These suggestions are intended as a guide and required work to achieve a given score will depend on each individual.

Please note: Do not complete any of the modules assigned for class prior to that class. In class we will be doing these modules under examination conditions and you will ruin the experience if you do these sections beforehand.

Examination timing:  Keep in mind the time considerations of your exams. For each multiple choice question (Exam 1) you have 2.25 minutes in the final exam. For each mark in the short answer section (Exam 2) you have 1.5 minutes in the final exam. When you practice at home, first complete the module in the allocated time, then review your answers and re-do questions that you have struggled with. Eventually you will be much faster than this but these timings can work as a guide when starting out.

The resources that will be used in class (including solutions) will be printed for you. You can access all other modules via the links in the table below.