ERRR Podcast #001. Jan Owen and The New Basics

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I’m very excited to be able to share the first ever episode of the Education Research Reading Room (ERRR) Podcast!

The ERRR Podcast brings together inspiring educators with early career teachers and educators for engaging and informative discussion on key issues in education and education research.

Each episode we contact a prominent figure in the education landscape and ask them ‘If every teacher and educator in the world could spend an hour reading your work, what would you want them to read?’. A group of early career teachers and educators reads this piece then joins with the author to discuss. The subsequent discussion becomes the Education Research Reading Room Podcast (ERRR Podcast).

Jan Owen is CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians. In this very first episode of the ERRR we speak about FYA’s article ‘The New Basics‘, and how the FYA believes that ‘enterprise skills’ are no longer an educational bonus, but a necessity.

As well as Jan we were joined this episode by Michaela, Maddie, Helen, Calum, Anthony, and Beth. If you’d like to join us for the next episode of the ERRR you can sign up for free here.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Here’s the new FYA report that Calum mentioned: The 7 new job families to help young people navigate the new work order.